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twop_chasers's Journal

If It Were Us, We'd Be Obsessing By Now
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Welcome to the LiveJournal community for obsessive, angst-loving, nutcases the wonderful Chasers over at the Television Without Pity community. We're not exactly sane, but we are friendly. Come join us! We will have a weekly episode post to squeee all we like, and the community is open to members to post whatever they'd like as well.

A few basic rules:

1. Be respectful! If you look at TWoP, you'll see that many of us do have common likes/dislikes when it comes to shipping and the like, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't still embrace different opinions. We're here because we love glomping over and analyzing Chase, so we're all basically on the same page. Personal attacks will get you banned!

2. LJ-cut long entries, please! That includes anything with more than two or three pictures (one if the pictures are large), and any spoilers. As a basic rule, if the episode or preview hasn't aired everywhere yet, it's potentially going to tell someone something they don't want to know. Sadly, TPTB don't let us all see these things at the same time, so we need to make it easier for everyone.

3. This isn't a big one, but because we do love it over at TWoP, let's try to keep this to the more trivial subjects. Not that you shouldn't be intelligent and analytical- we love that! But there's hardly a post over at our sister forum that didn't require some good, in-depth thinking. This place is where we can relax, let loose a little, and have fun. Enjoy!